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Finance and Related Studies is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Finance



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    In very simple terms, the finance field is about helping businesses, organizations, and individuals make money. Degree programs in finance, therefore, teach students about investing, financial and estate planning, risk management, interest rates, insurance, and taxes. Their objective is to produce graduates who are ready to help both commercial and retail clients reach their short- and long- term financial goals.

    Typical coursework for finance students includes:

    • Accounting and Statistics for Financial Analysis
    • Financial Markets and Institutions
    • Investments
    • Analysis of Financial Statements
    • Financial Management
    • International Finance
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  • Financial Planning



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    Financial Planning

    It has been said that the best thing money can buy is financial freedom. That freedom, in essence, is what financial planners sell. They evaluate the financial resources and obligations of individuals, families, and small businesses to help them make smart decisions about spending, saving, and investing.

    Coursework for this degree addresses the six vital areas of financial planning:

    • Cash Flow Management – understanding income versus expenses today and in the foreseeable future
    • Risk Management – managing the risks (sickness, injury) that could derail goals, deplete assets, and threaten income
    • Investment Planning – using investment strategies and vehicles suited to individual temperaments and planning objectives
    • Tax Planning – understanding tax laws and taking advantage of available tax avoidance strategies
    • Retirement Planning – establishing retirement goals and building a plan to achieve them
    • Estate Planning – developing an estate plan to maximize the amount of money left to a client’s beneficiaries; ensuring proper and effective management of a client’s finances if they become incapable of managing their affairs while alive; liquidation of a privately owned business

    Simply put, a financial planning degree gets you ready to build financial plans – plans with stated goals, plans formed through careful analysis, plans that have action steps to get people from they are to where they want to go, and plans that have a system in place to monitor, review, and make necessary adjustments along that road to financial freedom.

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  • International Finance



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    International Finance

    International finance, also referred to as international monetary economics, or international macroeconomics, is the study of monetary interactions between two or more countries. It analyzes the interaction between the goods market and the money market, interest rates and foreign exchange rates, and currencies and their purchasing power.

    Degree programs in the field explore these subjects and teach students how flows of capital originating in other parts of the world influence all aspects of our lives, including the price we pay for food and clothes, the amount of money we need to fill the gas tank of our cars, the construction of our homes, the security of our jobs and businesses, the ownership of our banks, the activity of our country’s stock markets, and the nature of our legal system.

    In other words, the curriculum reveals how the world of international finance affects standards of living and influences the futures of individuals, communities, and nations.

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