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    Heroic rulers, tragic battles, ancient civilizations—these are just some of the fascinating topics you’ll explore during a history degree.

    One of the best things about history degrees is how broad they are. In this field, you’ll study everything from the Chinese Cultural Revolution to the American Civil War. You’ll learn about cultures both familiar and strange, covering political movements, ancient traditions, and everything in between.

    But history is more than the study of the past; it’s also a pathway to understanding the future. On your path to becoming a historian, you’ll use sources like books, letters, and artifacts to learn about events from long ago. You’ll also analyze the trends and impacts of these historic occurrences, examining how they’ve influenced contemporary ideas.

    Think a history degree might be for you? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this educational path, including:

    • What types of history degrees are there?
    • What’s the difference between getting a degree in history, political science, and anthropology?
    • What skills do you gain from a history degree?
    • What can you do with a history degree?
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