Lawyers are at the forefront of the legal profession, but in fact they make up only about 34 percent of employees in the industry. And that is why there are educational programs that prepare students for the spectrum of legal careers. So, whether you see yourself as a lawyer, paralegal, legal researcher, legal secretary, legal assistant, or record clerk, there is a law-focused curriculum for you.

The path you choose will determine the focus of your studies – from the law, the legal system, legal terminology, government and public policy, and the justice system to preparation of legal documents, law office management, and legal software. The law affects nearly every aspect of our lives. If you want to make a career of it, you have more options than you may have thought.

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The most popular degree categories within law and related legal studies include:

  • Law



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    A law studies degree offers courses like contracts, civil procedure, property, constitutional law, and legal methods. Many graduates go on to work in the fields of conflict resolution, consulting, or non-profit work.
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  • Legal Support Services



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    Legal Support Services