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Liberal Arts and Related Studies is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Humanities



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    The humanities examine the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human condition and experience. Coursework in the field spans many subject areas, from psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and religion to language, communication, history, arts, and ethics. The goal is to learn how to learn and how to continue learning about humanity and the development of culture and society, past, present, and future.

    One way of distinguishing a humanities curriculum from many other scholastic paths is that its focus is not on providing occupational or professional skills, but on nurturing general knowledge, intellectual skills, and emotional intelligence. The words of American businessman, investor, and philanthropist Stephen Schwarzman eloquently capture the unique and important place that the humanities occupy in education: ‘… the study of the Humanities has been core to western civilization and scholarship, we need to ensure that its insights and principles can be adapted to today’s dynamic world.’

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  • Liberal Arts



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    Liberal Arts

    An education in liberal arts is broad and diverse. Therefore, students who pursue a degree in the field can choose courses from several subject areas. Generally, programs encompass coursework in the following:

    • Humanities – English Literature, Modern Languages, History, and Philosophy
    • Social Sciences – Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, and Geography
    • Creative Arts – Fine Art, Theater, Speech, and Creative Writing
    • Sciences – Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

    This degree equips students with a well-rounded, foundational education that can be applied in almost any occupation.

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