We know that choosing the right degree is complex. One particularly important factor in this process is determining the financial commitment you will have to make to complete a program, and which one gives you the best return on your investment once you graduate. Of course, it's also essential to investigate scholarships and financial aid to offset tuition. Here are the typical costs for a materials science degree:

average yearly tuition as per the most recent US census data
$ 15,181 per year
Average in-state tuition in 2017

81% above average compared to other degrees

$ 35,448 per year
Average out-of-state tuition in 2017

76% above average compared to other degrees

$ 54,192 per year
Average private tuition in 2017

68% above average compared to other degrees

What do materials science graduates earn?

Materials science students make an average of $88,678 per year after graduation. This is 33% above average compared to other undergraduate degrees.

16% of materials science graduates are underpaid (those who make less than $40,000 per year.) This rate is low compared to other degrees across the country.

$ 88,678 per year
Average graduate salary in 2017

Top 90% of degrees

% of people underpaid in 2019

19% below average compared to other degrees

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