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    Physics is a field that keeps changing as discoveries are made. This means that the field asks at least as many questions as it answers. Students of physics degree programs study matter and energy. They learn about the relationships between the measurable quantities in the universe, which include velocity, electric field, and kinetic energy.

    In simple terms, the study of physics is an attempt to figure out why objects move in the way that they do. This requires learning about and understanding several concepts and laws, including the following:

    • one-dimensional motion (motion along a straight line)
    • two-dimensional motion (motion that happens along two axes at the same time)
    • the concept of force
    • Newton’s Laws
    • conservation of energy
    • conservation of momentum
    • rotational motion
    • conservation of angular momentum
    • fluids and thermal physics
    • electricity and magnetism
    • Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity
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