In addition to meeting application requirements, you’ll have to consider how much it will cost to study at your dream school. Colleges and universities offer scholarships and financial aid, as do corporations, associations, and the government. You might be surprised by the options you discover. To help you get a sense of your baseline education costs, here are the typical tuition rates for a pre-dentistry degree:

average yearly tuition as per the most recent US census data
$ 9,075 per year
Average in-state tuition in 2017

8% above average compared to other degrees

$ 24,999 per year
Average out-of-state tuition in 2017

24% above average compared to other degrees

$ 41,532 per year
Average private tuition in 2017

28% above average compared to other degrees

What do pre-dentistry graduates earn?

Pre-dentistry students make an average of $69,946 per year after graduation. This is 5% above average compared to other undergraduate degrees.

$ 69,946 per year
Average graduate salary in 2017

Top 58% of degrees

% of people underpaid in 2019

0% above average compared to other degrees

Tuition costs for popular pre-dentistry schools in the US

There are 40 schools in the US that offer a pre-dentistry degree. The pre-dentistry schools in the nation with the highest enrollment are Boston University, University of Maryland-College Park and Clemson University. Here's a breakdown of tuition costs for the schools that award the most degrees in pre-dentistry per year:

School NameIn-State Tuition
Boston University$52,082
University of Maryland-College Park$10,399
Clemson University$15,116
Ball State University$9,774
University of Utah$8,884
University of Illinois at Chicago$13,704
University of Dayton$41,750
University of Nebraska-Lincoln$8,978
Lehigh University$50,740
Tarleton State University$7,367

Top US schools for a pre-dentistry degree

The following chart lists the most prestigious schools offering pre-dentistry degrees, along with their average acceptance rate and tuition costs:

School NameAcceptance RateIn-State Tuition
Boston University25%$52,082
Lehigh University25%$50,740
University of Maryland-College Park45%$10,399
University of Holy Cross46%$13,220
Clemson University47%$15,116
La Sierra University48%$32,130
Tarleton State University50%$7,367
Southern Wesleyan University53%$24,700
Newberry College58%$25,900
Lipscomb University60%$30,932

Cheapest US schools for a pre-dentistry degree

Of the schools in the US that offer a pre-dentistry degree, the following have the lowest tuition costs:

School NameTuition
Pima Community College$2,118
El Paso Community College$2,746
Western Nebraska Community College$2,760
Coahoma Community College$2,803
Itawamba Community College$2,840
Eastern Wyoming College$2,928
Western Wyoming Community College$2,953
Northwest Mississippi Community College$3,000
Casper College$3,024
Holmes Community College$3,110


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