Do you have great interpersonal skills? Are you a good listener? Are ‘empathetic’ and ‘trustworthy’ words that others use to describe you? If so, an education in public administration and social services may be the path for you.

This field is about helping people by designing, analyzing, delivering, managing, and advancing public programs and services. If you look at social trends in your community and see opportunity for change and improvement, consider majoring in community organization and advocacy. If you get excited about the thought of tackling public issues – from environmental protection to crime fighting, homelessness, unemployment, and drug abuse – a degree in public administration may lead you to the right career. Choose an education program in public policy analysis and learn how to study, evaluate, and improve policy in sectors like education, health, and international relations. Or earn a degree in social work, which will provide you with the skills to work for social justice for people suffering from inequalities, addiction, abuse, and poverty.

The reach of public administration and social services is wide, and so are the educational options that the field offers.

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