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Religious Studies is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

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    Religious Studies

    Because we live in such diverse multi-cultural and multi-religious societies, it is important to understand how different people and belief systems can work and live together successfully. Those wanting to pursue a degree in religious studies are interested in studying religion from an academic point of view. What this means is considering all religions and religious traditions equally with the purpose of understanding each belief system in relation to each other. As a religious studies major, students develop the ability to be empathetic when looking at the religious viewpoints and cultures of other human beings.

    Please note that religious studies is not the same as theological studies. The study of theology mainly focuses on the study of God (or deities) and faith. The study of religion focuses on the study of all religions, religious behaviour, and belief systems from outside any particular religious viewpoint.

    As a field, religious studies uses strong analytical and original thinking skills similar to other academic fields, including philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, and anthropology. Degree programs may cover topics such as:

    • religion in culture
    • religious ethics
    • religious philosophy
    • world religions

    Graduates can choose from a wide range of careers - some religion-based, and some not based in religion at all. Examples are:

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