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Statistics is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

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    The degree field of statistics is focused on the study of probability theory and sampling theory. Students use techniques like sample survey theory and variance analysis (the quantitative investigation of the difference between actual and planned behavior) to examine the relationships between groups and measurements. In simple terms, statistics is about collecting data, organizing it, analyzing it, and interpreting it in practical ways that guide decision making in both business sectors and politics.

    While mathematics courses naturally make up a significant part of any statistics curriculum, most programs also include classes in economics, finance, accounting, and sociology, because each of these fields frequently relies on statistical methods.

    Specializations within the field of statistics include:

    • Biometry – the development and application of statistical analysis to plant, animal, and agricultural biology
    • Forensic Statistics – uses statistical models to study scientific evidence used in criminal cases
    • Medical Statistics / Biostatistics – focuses on human biology and the application of statistics to medicine and healthcare
    • Operational Research – the development of statistical models to analyze, understand, and optimize the operation of organizations
    • Predictive Analytics – focuses on the study of historical and current facts to predict future events
    • Computational Statistics – focuses on the role of statistics in computer science: information processing, computer programming, software development, and artificial intelligence
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