All students of the arts have one thing in common. They are creative and they want to work in a creative industry. The visual and performing arts discipline is made up of a very large number of programs, each of which allows students to express their ideas, imagination, and passion.

So, where does your passion lie? Do you dream of a career in acting or singing or playing a musical instrument? Do you see yourself as a director, producer, cinematographer, playwright, screenwriter, music composer, conductor, or costume designer? Has dance always been a part of your life? Or are you attracted to the technical aspects of the performing arts – to theater set design and lighting? Perhaps you love the thought of working in the digital arts, in graphic design, illustration, animation, game design, or visual and special effects. Or do you think about combining your artistic side with your interest in business and entering the field of arts and entertainment management? Perhaps your calling is in fashion design, interior design, photography, advertising art, documentary production, drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, ceramics, weaving, or jewelry arts.

In whatever way you imagine, there is a visual and performing arts educational track that can help you become part of the creative economy.

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With so many categories within visual and performing arts programs, it can be a bit daunting when trying to decide which best fits your interests or career aspirations. To help you decipher the diversity, we're breaking down 8 popular options below: