We've Launched a New Membership Program!

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We spend a third of our lives at work.

That’s worth repeating. We spend a third of our lives at work.

Here at CareerExplorer, we believe that experience should be fulfilling, not something we just get through.

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve had the same mission: to give each and every person the guidance to find and go after a career that makes them…well…happy.

To do that, we have spent years honing our career and personality assessment, which uses machine learning models and psychometrics to match individuals to the careers best suited to them. When we launched, it was the first time a career and personality test had been reimagined in nearly 70 years. To put that in context, 70 years ago Disneyland had not yet opened, and not only had nobody been to the moon, but NASA didn’t even exist yet.

It was our aim to provide usable information that was nuanced and relevant to each individual, not something pulled from a stock career catalogue or personality test. We’ve done just that by helping millions of people discover the careers they are best suited for.

Discovery is an important first step. Taking action may require some support.

Enter our new membership program.

We’ve created a first-of-its-kind membership program to provide the resources and guidance you need to land that dream career.

Our new membership program costs just $4/month (billed annually) and includes:

  • Your complete assessment results with your full set of careers and degrees compatibility scores, along with your personality reports. (Tell your friends about your results!)

  • Discounts on products you use every day so you can save money while you invest in your future. (Think discounts on electronics, entertainment, and so much more.)

  • A network of career-focused individuals in our CareerExplorer Discord Community. (Ask questions, connect with peers, and get answers to your many career questions.)

  • Exclusive offers on: (Drum roll)

Whether you are a student looking for direction on what to study, a young professional entering the workforce for the first time, or an individual changing careers, we are here to help.

We are so excited to be your partner on your career journey. We can’t wait to see where you’ll go.

Learn more about our new membership program here.

Blog / We've Launched a New Membership Program!
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