There are currently an estimated 17,500 avionics technicians in the United States. The avionics technician job market is expected to grow by 6.3% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are avionics technicians?

CareerExplorer rates avionics technicians with a F employability rating, meaning this career should provide poor employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 6,700 avionics technicians. That number is based on 1,100 additional avionics technicians, and the retirement of 5,600 existing avionics technicians.

Are avionics technicians in demand?

Minimal employment growth for avionics technicians is projected through 2022. While gradual increases in air traffic are expected over the coming decade, new-generation aircraft will require less maintenance than older models. In addition, to reduce costs airlines will likely continue to outsource some of their preventative electronics maintenance to specialized facilities, thereby decreasing the number of technicians they hire. Consequently, avionics technicians who are trained to perform duties normally carried out by FAA-certified Airframe and Power-plant (A&P) mechanics should have the most demand. Technicians will further enhance their employability if they earn the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certification, the Inspector’s Authorization (IA) designation, and/or a degree in Electrical Engineering or Avionics Technology. Each of these qualifications gains importance during economic downturns, when fewer jobs are available. Technicians who take ongoing training courses offered by manufacturers of the equipment on which they work will also have better chances of advancing their careers. Commuter and regional airlines are expected to present the majority of opportunities in the field. As these smaller carriers tend to pay lower wages, competition for positions with major airlines will be particularly keen. Once they gain broad experience, avionics technicians may pursue positions as FAA Inspectors.

What’s the supply of avionics technicians?

Avionics Technician job market by state

State Name Employed Avionics Technicians
Washington 2,350
Florida 1,950
Texas 1,790
Georgia 1,710
California 1,610
Connecticut 710
Kansas 670
Arizona 660
Oklahoma 650
Maryland 590
Pennsylvania 450
Alabama 430
Colorado 400
North Carolina 310
Ohio 270
Illinois 260
Utah 260
Louisiana 250
New Jersey 250
Michigan 240
Minnesota 230
Indiana 220
Virginia 220
South Carolina 200
Nevada 190
Idaho 160
Hawaii 110
Oregon 100
Missouri 100
Alaska 90
New York 90
Tennessee 90
Delaware 70
New Hampshire 60
New Mexico 50
Arkansas 50