Costume attendant earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Costume attendant salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Massachusetts $76,350
California $60,850
New York $60,820
New Mexico $57,430
Kentucky $54,260
North Carolina $50,110
Washington $48,660
New Jersey $47,850
District of Columbia $46,580
Maryland $43,410
Alabama $43,210
Minnesota $43,010
Hawaii $42,220
Missouri $39,420
Colorado $39,090
Connecticut $38,480
Florida $38,390
Oregon $37,660
Illinois $37,490
Oklahoma $36,370
Arizona $35,860
Ohio $35,250
Pennsylvania $35,050
Texas $34,250
Georgia $33,400
Nevada $31,410
Utah $31,150
Wisconsin $30,540
Louisiana $30,060
Indiana $29,770
Virginia $25,980
South Carolina $25,520
Michigan $24,910
Tennessee $22,910

How do costume attendant salaries compare to similar careers?

Costume attendants earn about the same as related careers in Texas. On average, they make less than announcers but more than nail technicians.

Career Median Salary
Announcer salary $37K
Actor salary $37K
Dancer salary $38K
Model salary $39K
Aesthetician salary $32K
Costume attendant salary $34K
Tailor salary $30K
Hairdresser salary $27K
Sewing machine operator salary $26K
Nail technician salary $22K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)