Dentist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Dentist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Delaware $264,440
Rhode Island $254,190
Minnesota $227,280
New Hampshire $226,300
Connecticut $205,330
Wisconsin $192,440
North Dakota $200,250
North Carolina $195,680
Nevada $195,610
Maine $188,460
Virginia $164,650
South Dakota $164,120
Michigan $187,010
Ohio $188,390
Hawaii $166,530
Missouri $171,840
Oregon $179,490
Iowa $177,410
Arizona $171,320
Tennessee $178,550
Texas $157,200
Washington $171,430
Indiana $157,710
District of Columbia $169,670
Kansas $155,950
Massachusetts $148,520
Georgia $149,240
Colorado $131,090
New Mexico $153,010
South Carolina $153,610
Idaho $161,750
Illinois $143,090
Montana $160,750
New Jersey $143,120
Florida $145,940
Arkansas $133,250
New York $133,640
Oklahoma $128,780
Kentucky $135,670
Pennsylvania $127,370
Mississippi $144,030
Maryland $132,450
California $125,860
West Virginia $126,330
Utah $116,440
Nebraska $123,090
Wyoming $102,790
Louisiana $106,140
Puerto Rico $55,350

How much does a Dentist earn?

Most dentists, approximately 80 percent, are general dentists, according to the American Dental Education Association. The rest specialize in fields, such as pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and surgery, which require additional years of study and typically result in higher salaries.

With an average salary of $166,810 in 2014, dentists earn far more than most other health-care workers. Dentists earn much more than dental assistants ($36,260) and dental hygienists ($71,970). Registered nurses ($69,790) and pharmacists ($118,470) also make less than the average dentist.

Just like other professionals, dentists make less than their counterparts in the beginning of their career. In the year 2008 the lowest 10 percent of the general dentists earned an hourly wage of $34.55 per hour or $71,870 per year. However, the earning capacity of dentists keeps on increasing with their experience. For example, the top 10 percent of general dentists still earn about $100,000 per year whereas the top earners in this field can accrue up to $190,000 per year.

How do dentist salaries compare to similar careers?

Dentists earn 11% more than similar careers in Missouri. On average, they make less than radiologists but more than veterinarians.

Career Median Salary
Radiologist salary $199K
Pathologist salary $199K
Ophthalmologist salary $199K
Neurologist salary $199K
Dermatologist salary $199K
Dentist salary $172K
Family practitioner salary $188K
Podiatrist salary $135K
Chiropractor salary $67K
Veterinarian salary $89K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)