Is becoming an exercise physiologist right for me?

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How to become an Exercise Physiologist

Most exercise physiologists study to get their bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology. This is normally a four-year program, but those who want to obtain this career can benefit well from further studies in health and exercise science studies. The more education that a person acquires, the more of an increase they will see in exercise physiology employment opportunities.

Once the four-year bachelor degree is acquired, an oral and written exam must be passed. This exam can vary by country and state, but in many states the exam must be accomplished with a passing grade before one can be certified. Different countries require different methods of exams. While the United States has a two-part exam, other countries have multi-part exams or exams that are only written.

In America, the American Society of Exercise Physiologists is a required membership for those wanting to work in this field. This society sets forth the ethics and educational standards of all exercise physiologists working in America. Other countries have their own standards and societal membership requirements. It is important that the physiologist check in his or her own country or city to be sure that they meet all of the requirements.

It is vital that the physiologist have a great understanding of the human body and all of its components. Math is also needed in this field as the physiologist must use math to calculate the different degrees of exercise and the components of exertion on the body. The physiologist must also have a good grasp of computers and the different types of machinery that are used in the field. Without a full understanding of computer processes and programs, the physiologist will not be able to conduct their job well.