There are currently an estimated 15,100 exercise physiologists in the United States. The exercise physiologist job market is expected to grow by 13.2% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are exercise physiologists?

CareerExplorer rates exercise physiologists with a D employability rating, meaning this career should provide weak employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 4,900 exercise physiologists. That number is based on 2,000 additional exercise physiologists, and the retirement of 2,900 existing exercise physiologists.

Are exercise physiologists in demand?

The field of exercise physiology is expanding. However, because of its small size, employment growth is expected to occur slowly. Demand should intensify as the healthcare industry emphasizes exercise and preventative care as part of treatment and rehabilitation programs. The persistent issue of obesity in both adults and children will likely generate additional openings. An increasingly active and health-conscious middle-aged and elderly population will lead to a higher incidence of athletic-related injuries and therefore create jobs for exercise physiologists. Greater awareness of sports-related injuries may present some opportunities, particularly with colleges, universities, and youth leagues. Increased focus on holistic healthcare practices may also have a positive impact on job prospects in the field. As exercise physiology continues to be recognized as a vital member of the allied health professions, the outlook for this occupation will remain stable. These practitioners will be needed to work with both healthy clients and those with chronic diseases or medical concerns. This means that more exercise programs for cancer, cardiac, and pulmonary patients will be developed. Positions will therefore span clinical and non-clinical settings and should eventually grow in number. Competition for all openings is projected to remain strong. Experienced exercise physiologists may advance to roles as athletic trainers or athletic directors. Those with advanced degrees may become researchers or physiology and anatomy educators.

What’s the supply of exercise physiologists?

Exercise Physiologist job market by state

State Name Employed Exercise Physiologists
Michigan 440
California 420
Florida 410
Illinois 370
Pennsylvania 360
Texas 360
New York 250
Minnesota 230
Wisconsin 220
North Carolina 210
Ohio 210
Indiana 170
Colorado 170
Georgia 170
Massachusetts 170
New Jersey 140
Arizona 130
Maryland 110
Missouri 110
Tennessee 110
West Virginia 100
Washington 100
Oklahoma 80
Utah 80
South Carolina 70
Oregon 70
Alabama 60
Louisiana 50
Kentucky 50
Connecticut 50
Iowa 50
New Hampshire 40
Delaware 40
Mississippi 40
Rhode Island 30