There are currently an estimated 346,900 industrial machinery mechanics in the United States. The industrial machinery mechanic job market is expected to grow by 6.7% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are industrial machinery mechanics?

CareerExplorer rates industrial machinery mechanics with an A- employability rating, meaning this career should provide great employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 28,400 industrial machinery mechanics. That number is based on 23,200 additional industrial machinery mechanics, and the retirement of 5,200 existing industrial machinery mechanics.

Are industrial machinery mechanics in demand?

Excellent employment opportunities are forecasted for industrial machinery mechanics. The growing power industry and sophistication of manufacturing and construction machinery will sustain and very likely increase demand for mechanics trained in installation, maintenance, and repair. As cost-cutting pressures drive manufacturers to continue to automate production, there will be more machinery on factory floors. In addition, many mechanics in this sector are expected to retire in the coming years. Furthermore, employers have reported difficulty in recruiting young workers who have the necessary skills to be industrial machinery mechanics. Together, these factors will result in numerous job openings and discourage lay-offs. Even during economic downturns, when other plant workers are laid off, these mechanics are often retained to perform major equipment overhauls and keep expensive machinery in working order. Some computer-controlled machines capable of diagnosing problems may reduce manpower needs for some companies; still, the overall job outlook in the field is predicted to remain strong. Industrial machinery mechanics may be promoted to positions as master mechanics or supervisors.

What’s the supply of industrial machinery mechanics?

The industrial machinery mechanic industry is concentrated in Texas, California, Michigan

Industrial Machinery Mechanic job market by state

State Name Employed Industrial Machinery Mechanics
Texas 31,180
California 25,460
Michigan 20,100
Ohio 18,450
Pennsylvania 14,650
Florida 12,800
Illinois 12,600
Georgia 12,270
North Carolina 10,840
Alabama 10,720
Indiana 10,430
New York 10,390
Wisconsin 9,860
Tennessee 9,370
Virginia 9,060
Kentucky 8,650
South Carolina 8,300
New Jersey 7,330
Iowa 6,770
Minnesota 6,650
Washington 6,410
Louisiana 6,050
Arkansas 5,310
Kansas 5,160
Mississippi 5,150
Colorado 4,730
Oregon 4,580
Missouri 4,320
Oklahoma 4,140
Massachusetts 3,920
Puerto Rico 3,800
Maryland 3,550
Arizona 3,520
Utah 2,930
Nebraska 2,700
West Virginia 2,650
New Mexico 2,400
Connecticut 2,340
New Hampshire 2,120
Wyoming 2,080
Maine 1,570
Nevada 1,450
Idaho 1,410
North Dakota 1,390
South Dakota 1,230
Delaware 990
Hawaii 680
Montana 670
Rhode Island 590
Alaska 580
Vermont 570
District of Columbia 190
Guam 70