Kindergarten teacher earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Kindergarten teacher salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Alaska $62,140
Alabama $44,620
Arkansas $45,870
Arizona $43,520
California $67,670
Colorado $47,750
Connecticut $77,420
District of Columbia $54,510
Delaware $57,000
Florida $49,680
Georgia $53,730
Guam $47,680
Hawaii $30,580
Iowa $53,750
Idaho $50,120
Illinois $54,856
Indiana $48,470
Kansas $51,230
Kentucky $54,630
Louisiana $49,890
Massachusetts $72,990
Maryland $64,460
Maine $53,270
Michigan $58,930
Minnesota $58,140
Missouri $47,180
Mississippi $42,640
Montana $53,090
North Carolina $45,810
North Dakota $50,150
Nebraska $57,820
New Hampshire $57,080
New Jersey $63,640
New Mexico $51,490
Nevada $55,730
New York $73,430
Ohio $58,500
Oklahoma $38,190
Oregon $71,500
Pennsylvania $62,510
Puerto Rico $33,670
Rhode Island $68,750
South Carolina $51,480
South Dakota $41,470
Tennessee $48,410
Texas $55,930
Utah $46,990
Virginia $60,540
Vermont $55,780
Washington $63,350
Wisconsin $56,170
West Virginia $46,730
Wyoming $57,510

How much does a Kindergarten Teacher earn?

Where one works has an impact on a kindergarten teacher’s starting salary. Salaries can vary from district to district and from state to state. Urban areas tend to offer higher kindergarten teacher salaries, but the cost of living is also higher. While a kindergarten teacher may earn less in a rural area, they'll probably spend less for rent, food, gas, and other expenses.

Kindergarten teachers at public primary schools generally fare better with their salary than those teaching at private schools. As well, possessing an advanced degree can lead to a higher starting salary. According to Huffington Post, school districts in the United States pay more than $8.6 billion per year in bonuses for teachers with a master’s degree (bonuses range from $1,423 to $10,777).

How do kindergarten teacher salaries compare to similar careers?

Kindergarten teachers earn about the same as related careers in Massachusetts. On average, they make less than school psychologists but more than clergies.

Career Median Salary
School psychologist salary $80K
Elementary school teacher salary $79K
High school teacher salary $78K
Professor salary $70K
Special education teacher salary $74K
Kindergarten teacher salary $73K
Physical education teacher salary $73K
Librarian salary $68K
School counselor salary $67K
Clergy salary $61K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)