There are currently an estimated 138,200 librarians in the United States. The librarian job market is expected to grow by 9.0% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are librarians?

CareerExplorer rates librarians with a D employability rating, meaning this career should provide weak employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 16,100 librarians. That number is based on 12,400 additional librarians, and the retirement of 3,700 existing librarians.

Are librarians in demand?

Limited government budgets and the use of online and other electronic resources are expected to have a significant negative impact on the demand for librarians. In addition, established librarians may find themselves replaced by library technicians and assistants who earn a lower wage. As many libraries provide users access to library resources from their personal computers and mobile devices, the role of the librarian is being diminished or, at the very least, redefined. Traditional jobs in the sector are giving way to opportunities as information brokers with private corporations, consulting firms, and nonprofit organizations. These institutions profit from librarians’ research and organizational skills, as well as their familiarity with library automated systems and computer databases. With this skill set librarians are transitioning into roles as system analysts, database specialists, local area network (LAN) coordinators, and web developers. Still, some traditional librarian jobs will be created by the retirement of the more than two out of three librarians who are forty-five years of age or older.

What’s the supply of librarians?

The librarian industry is concentrated in New York, Texas, California

Librarian job market by state

State Name Employed Librarians
New York 12,360
Texas 10,110
California 8,940
Illinois 6,040
Florida 5,390
Pennsylvania 5,060
North Carolina 4,620
New Jersey 4,580
Massachusetts 4,510
Virginia 4,100
Ohio 3,600
Michigan 3,490
Washington 2,980
Maryland 2,840
Georgia 2,680
Tennessee 2,600
Missouri 2,440
Indiana 2,270
Connecticut 2,180
Alabama 2,170
Wisconsin 2,170
Colorado 2,140
Kentucky 2,030
Louisiana 1,850
South Carolina 1,770
Minnesota 1,620
Arizona 1,530
Kansas 1,500
Oklahoma 1,450
Puerto Rico 1,450
Iowa 1,430
Mississippi 1,340
Arkansas 1,300
Oregon 1,240
District of Columbia 1,160
New Hampshire 1,050
Utah 970
Nebraska 960
West Virginia 840
Rhode Island 830
New Mexico 770
Maine 760
Vermont 740
Nevada 680
South Dakota 550
Idaho 540
Hawaii 500
Montana 500
North Dakota 470
Alaska 420
Delaware 380
Wyoming 370
Virgin Islands, U.S. 60
Guam 60