Is becoming a machine feeder right for me?

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How to become a Machine Feeder

The requirements for a machine feeder vary by country and by state. Most machine feeder positions do not require any type of formal education. Other than a high school diploma, there is no trade school or degree that must be obtained.

Most machine feed jobs are obtained through a hands-on study and learning under an experienced machine feeder. Many of the jobs require approximately one year of study under an experienced machine feeder, at which point they are able to work on their own. While they are training they are exposed to all of the aspects of the job, from loading the machines, to the running of them as well. This allows the machine feeder to fully understand all of the duties and aspects of the job before they are placed on duty alone.

Machine feeders must have the strength to lift large loads to add to the machine. They must also have the ability to drive and operate forklifts and other machinery to transport goods. Machine feeders must have good hand-eye coordination to carry out the duties of the job throughout the day.

This type of employment also calls for some math skills in the weighing and recording of ingredients, solutions, and materials. Machine feeders must calculate the correct proportions of materials to be added to the machine to create the finished product. They may also be responsible for calculating different mixes of ingredients to gain the correct mixture ratios for the machine.