There are currently an estimated 2,016,100 personal care aides in the United States. The personal care aide job market is expected to grow by 38.6% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are personal care aides?

CareerExplorer rates personal care aides with an A+ employability rating, meaning this career should provide great employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 783,700 personal care aides. That number is based on 777,700 additional personal care aides, and the retirement of 6,000 existing personal care aides.

Are personal care aides in demand?

The job outlook for personal care aides is among the most favourable of all occupations. As the baby boomer population ages and develops health or mobility problems, significantly more people will require the assistance that care aides provide. The demand for personal home care is expected to outpace the demand for care services in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. This trend should persist as studies continue to show that for elderly people with minor disabilities who do not require constant medical care, home care is frequently more effective than alternatives which exist outside the home. In addition, at-home care aides generally offer a less expensive and more comfortable option for clients seeking companionship and help with daily activities and light household chores. Furthermore, advancement of medical technologies has made at-home care easier and more feasible. This is a large occupation that is not susceptible to downturns of any kind. Aging and the ailments and frailty that often accompany it are a constant of life. In addition, the job’s relatively low pay and high emotional investment cause many workers to leave. This high rate of turnover creates ongoing openings. Aspiring personal care aides with home health and nursing aide training should encounter the best job prospects. Those who earn certification in the field will likely further enhance their employability.

What’s the supply of personal care aides?

The personal care aide industry is concentrated in California, Texas, New York

Personal Care Aide job market by state

State Name Employed Personal Care Aides
California 520,660
Texas 196,790
New York 166,760
Pennsylvania 109,980
Massachusetts 73,950
Minnesota 72,080
Wisconsin 61,190
Missouri 54,590
Illinois 49,430
Washington 49,170
Virginia 39,970
Michigan 38,950
Arizona 36,820
Ohio 35,300
Louisiana 33,470
Florida 31,870
Indiana 28,470
North Carolina 26,160
Connecticut 25,410
New Mexico 24,700
Colorado 24,360
Georgia 23,520
Oregon 20,880
Tennessee 20,750
Kansas 20,750
Iowa 17,550
Maryland 16,590
South Carolina 16,480
Kentucky 16,280
Arkansas 15,250
Maine 14,360
Alabama 13,810
Oklahoma 12,930
New Jersey 12,370
West Virginia 11,980
Idaho 11,730
Nevada 11,690
Utah 9,080
Mississippi 8,360
New Hampshire 8,300
Nebraska 7,190
Vermont 6,490
Puerto Rico 5,680
Delaware 5,350
North Dakota 5,150
Montana 5,050
Rhode Island 4,970
Alaska 4,890
District of Columbia 4,440
Hawaii 4,210
South Dakota 2,950
Wyoming 2,210
Virgin Islands, U.S. 90