Is becoming a radio talk show host right for me?

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How to become a Radio Talk Show Host

It is recommended that an aspiring radio talk show host takes broadcasting, journalism or communications in university, as breaking into this industry typically requires a bachelor’s degree. These programs typically cover media writing, research techniques, reporting, ethics, and communication. Some universities offer programs that are focused in radio that cover writing, announcing, and production. Additional courses like public speaking, english, theatre, drama, and computer science can help students with their technical and performance skills relevant to a career in hosting. 

It is hugely beneficial for students to get involved in radio jobs early on in their education so they can gain some practical experience. Most schools have their own radio or broadcast station where they can get started. This may include hosting their own show, conducting research, editing audio clips, producing advertisements, or finding guests for specific shows. 

Entry-level talk show host positions are hard to come by, but candidates may be able to gain experience as equipment operators or schedulers, and then move up the ladder from there.