Is becoming a restaurant cook right for me?

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How to become a Restaurant Cook

This occupation involves more than just grilling, stewing and braising. Excelling in cooking styles, techniques and food safety requires training, and considerable experience. It’s quite common to learn while on the job, but attending an accredited cooking program is recommended, particularly for individuals who want to turn cooking into a career. It’s also possible to receive certification for various skill levels.

Michael J. Beriau, executive chef at the White Cliffs Country Club in Plymouth, Massachusetts, suggests spending at least a year working in a kitchen (as an assistant or perhaps on cleanup) to get to know the working environment and grow accustomed to the hours. Then, spend another year working as a cook in that same kitchen. Next, go to culinary school: “They also need to have great communication skills, great computer skills and it helps to have a bachelor’s degree in restaurant administration,” he says. “That could launch them ahead of other candidates [with job prospects], maybe by even 12 years.”