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Communication is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Mass Communication and Media Studies



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    Mass Communication and Media Studies
    • History and Laws of Mass Communication
    • Public Speaking – the process of delivering a speech to a live audiences
    • Psychology of Communication – study of the four principles of communication: the message sent is not necessarily the message received; it is impossible to not communicate; every message has both content and feeling; nonverbal cues are more believable than verbal cues
    • Argumentation and Debate – the process of communicating claims based on supporting information (argumentation) and the exchange of arguments on a topic (debate)
    • Freedom of Speech – examination of the right to express opinions and beliefs without censorship
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  • Speech Communication and Rhetoric



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    Speech Communication and Rhetoric

    Degree programs in speech communication and rhetoric are about more than learning how to persuade people to see your side of things and consider your viewpoint.

    The curriculum explores interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, and mass communication. It spans the art of persuasion, public speaking, the psychology of communication, and verbal and nonverbal communications through media and in person. It teaches how certain messages influence individual and group behavior and why and how our reactions reflect the underlying values of society. It summons those who love language, who choose their words carefully, and who know that compelling speech relies on attentive listening.

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