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Hospitality Management and Related Studies is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Hospitality Management



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    Hospitality Management

    Degree programs in hospitality management teach students how to operate hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that serve business travelers and vacationers. Coursework may vary from one curriculum to another, depending on whether the program offers general hospitality management training or is focused on a specialty area, such as travel agency operations, restaurant management, or hotel management. Regardless of the specific course content or concentration, students are likely to take some or all of the following classes:

    • Employee Labor Relations
    • Facilities Design
    • Food Service Operations
    • Hospitality Finance: Budgeting and Payroll
    • Hospitality Law
    • Hotel and Resort Operations
    • Inventory Management
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Meetings and Events Management
    • Scheduling
    • Tourism Geography
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  • Hotel Management



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    Hotel Management

    Degree programs in hotel management prepare students for careers as managers of hotels, motels, resorts, and other lodging businesses.

    The typical curriculum includes an internship, during which students have an opportunity to work in the field and learn from seasoned professionals. This hands-on experience is preceded by coursework in the various aspects of hotel management. These are some examples of classes offered by many schools:

    • Human Resources Management
    • Hospitality Facilities Operations and Management
    • Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
    • Hospitality and Tourism Sales
    • Hotel Front Office Operations
    • Hotel Food and Beverage Operations
    • Customer Service
    • Hotel Industry Financial Accounting
    • Hospitality Law
    • Management Information Systems for the Hotel Industry
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  • Event Planning



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    Event Planning

    Event planners plan and execute events of all kinds and all sizes. While corporate conventions and incentive travel or corporate reward programs form a large part of this field, the sector also includes events like concerts, tradeshows, speaker programs, and festivals.

    Event planning certificate and degree programs cover the diverse logistical components of the profession.

    Students learn about contract negotiation, site selection, transportation and activities logistics, food and beverage planning, venue and décor selection, guest speaker and entertainment bookings, event registration, event marketing, meetings and events budget management, and on-site operations. And they learn that the devil is indeed in the detail, and the detail is everything.

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