This degree field is about consumer well-being. Programs teach students to be leaders in responding to the needs of people in family, workplace, and community environments. Because this is a broad mission, degree options are also broad.

You might choose to focus your studies on personal finance, family relations, or on business aspects like human resource development or distribution of retail goods. Or you could examine the effect of the economy and the impact of marketing and advertising on consumer behavior. If the healthcare field interests you, concentrate on learning about nutrition, diet, and fitness, and their connection to the prevention and treatment of disease. Or major in housing and human environments and explore how the design of home, work, and leisure spaces impacts human interaction. Yet another option within human and consumer sciences is human development and family studies, which is focused on how we develop and form relationships. The field even includes a fashion route: a textile and apparel studies concentration.

The human and consumer sciences discipline presents a wide spectrum of educational choices—one of them may be just right for you.

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