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Microbiological Sciences and Immunology is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Microbiology



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    Microbiology degree programs teach how diseases work (their ‘pathology’) and how they are diagnosed, treated, and cured. Students study single-celled organisms like amoebas, the colonies they form, their genetic make-up, and how they interact with other life forms.

    Specializations in the field include:

    • Bacteriology – the study of the growth and other properties of bacteria and the effects that bacteria have on plants, animals, and humans
    • Mycobacteriology – the study of fungi like yeast and mold and how they can be used to benefit society
    • Virology – the study of viruses: their structure, development, and effects on infected organisms
    • Environmental Microbiology – the study of microorganisms and how they interact with the environment and with one another
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  • Immunology



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