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Nursing is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

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    Are you empathetic, patient, organized, and detail-oriented? Does helping others bring you joy?

    If so, a degree in nursing might be for you. Nurses are the lynchpin that holds the medical system together. They liaise with health professionals of all kinds to keep the world’s medical clinics, hospitals, and care facilities running smoothly. They provide care, education, emotional support, and more to help their patients regain and maintain their health. The world would look very different without the work of these caring professionals.

    Students interested in this degree are in luck. As our population ages, the need for nursing professionals is only growing higher. The US will soon face a shortage of about 800,000 nurses, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. With such a high demand, there has never been a better time to study nursing.

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