Working in the personal services field is about helping people. The options – and possible educational tracks – are as varied as life itself.

Majoring in cosmetology will lead you to a job focused on making people look and feel good about themselves. This area of study spans hair cutting, coloring, and styling; skin care; nail care; make-up; and salon management. If food is your passion or you dream about becoming a chef or owning a restaurant, the culinary arts of preparing, cooking, baking, and presenting food may be your path. Are you an especially compassionate and empathetic person? If so, you may be suited to a career in funeral and mortuary services, where you can apply your emotional intelligence to helping people through one of the most difficult times of life – the loss of a loved one.

So, regardless of which personal services discipline you choose to study, you will also be choosing to provide people with what they want, need, or both. And being qualified and able to do that can be very rewarding.

Pro Tip
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