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Physical Education and Related Studies is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Kinesiology



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    The draw of a degree in kinesiology may well be attached to the interdisciplinary nature of the field. A kinesiology major can prepare students for a wide spectrum of careers in health, wellness, fitness, and education. It provides solid footing for prospective personal trainers, athletic therapists, and exercise scientists. It also lays the foundation for advanced study in kinesiology and in the complementary fields of medicine, physiotherapy, and chiropractics.

    When one considers the breadth of knowledge that graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology possess, it is not surprising that in general they have little trouble finding jobs in their field. Their versatile skill set is simultaneously specific to human movement and adaptable to the physiological, bio-mechanical, psychological, and sociological elements that interact to enable it.

    • A thorough understanding of all of the factors that affect human movement: biological, psychological, social, and aesthetic
    • Knowledge of theories, trends, and developments in health and fitness
    • Ability to develop and administer plans for injury prevention and rehabilitation
    • Ability to assess risks associated with work, leisure, and sporting activities
    • Ability to apply the principles of biomechanics to determine strategies for maximizing human physical potential
    • Ability to assess the quality and proper usage of athletic activities, equipment, and environments
    • Ability to plan and administer appropriate physical activities and programs for individuals and groups
    • Ability to assess the physical and recreational needs of communities and make community planning recommendations
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  • Sports Management



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    Sports Management

    Sport is a multi-billion dollar industry. Degree programs in sports management focus on the business aspects of sports and recreation and prepare students to work as sport managers in various sectors.

    Whether you dream of working for a major league football or basketball team, bringing recreational programs to low-income communities, developing a sports marketing program to attract new audiences, or running your own athletic gear start-up, you’re going to need a strong foundation in business. You’re going to need skills in business communications, marketing, information technology, human resources management, leadership, entrepreneurship, accounting, law, facility operations and event management, media and public relations, and the economics of sport. If you love sports, this degree can equip with you those skills and help you make it your career.

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  • Personal Training



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    Personal Training

    Perhaps you have your own personal story to tell. Or perhaps you’ve always been healthy and physically active, and want to help others achieve their health and fitness goals while earning a living doing it. If this sounds like you, getting a degree in personal training may be the perfect fit. Seeing people become happy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin is one of the most satisfying things about becoming a personal trainer.

    People will choose to hire a personal trainer for all sorts of reasons—to lose weight, to put on muscle, or to get faster, stronger, or healthier. A trainer may play multiple roles with a client, alternating between coach, mentor, teacher, cheerleader, or even drill sergeant—as the situation demands.

    Knowledge in nutrition, human anatomy, and exercise physiology is essential. Degree options can be found at the associate, bachelor's, and master's degree levels.

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