Tuition costs are a reality of post-secondary education, but it’s important not to be discouraged. If your top school is financially out of reach, your second or third choice may serve your future just as well. To help you find the program — and school — that’s right for you, we’ve rounded up typical tuition costs for statistics degrees. Here’s the range:

average yearly tuition as per the most recent US census data
$ 12,353 per year
Average in-state tuition in 2017

47% above average compared to other degrees

$ 31,681 per year
Average out-of-state tuition in 2017

58% above average compared to other degrees

$ 49,306 per year
Average private tuition in 2017

52% above average compared to other degrees

What do statistics graduates earn?

Statistics students make an average of $82,805 per year after graduation. This is 24% above average compared to other undergraduate degrees.

$ 82,805 per year
Average graduate salary in 2017

Top 80% of degrees

% of people underpaid in 2019

0% above average compared to other degrees

Tuition costs for popular statistics schools in the US

There are 288 schools in the US that offer a statistics degree. The statistics schools in the nation with the highest enrollment are University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-San Diego and University of California-Irvine. Here's a breakdown of tuition costs for the schools that award the most degrees in statistics per year:

School NameIn-State Tuition
University of California-Los Angeles$13,261
University of California-San Diego$14,018
University of California-Irvine$13,738
University of California-Berkeley$14,170
University of California-Santa Barbara$14,451
University of California-Davis$14,419
New York University$50,464
San Diego State University$7,460
Boston University$52,082
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor$14,826

Top US schools for a statistics degree

The following chart lists the most prestigious schools offering statistics degrees, along with their average acceptance rate and tuition costs:

School NameAcceptance RateIn-State Tuition
Stanford University5%$49,617
Harvard University5%$48,949
Columbia University in the City of New York7%$57,208
Yale University7%$51,400
Brown University8%$53,419
University of Chicago9%$56,034
Northwestern University9%$52,678
University of Pennsylvania9%$53,534
Duke University10%$53,500
Johns Hopkins University13%$52,170

Cheapest US schools for a statistics degree

Of the schools in the US that offer a statistics degree, the following have the lowest tuition costs:

School NameTuition
University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez$2,083
Eastern Wyoming College$2,928
Fayetteville State University$5,183
University of Wyoming$5,217
Brigham Young University-Provo$5,460
Utah Valley University$5,652
Florida State University$5,656
Kennesaw State University$6,347
University of Central Florida$6,368
University of Florida$6,381


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