Tuition costs are a reality of post-secondary education, but it’s important not to be discouraged. If your top school is financially out of reach, your second or third choice may serve your future just as well. To help you find the program that’s right for you, we’ve rounded up typical tuition costs for technical writing degrees. Here’s the range:

average yearly tuition as per the most recent US census data
$ 10,232 per year
Average in-state tuition in 2017

22% above average compared to other degrees

$ 23,066 per year
Average out-of-state tuition in 2017

15% above average compared to other degrees

$ 35,733 per year
Average private tuition in 2017

10% above average compared to other degrees

What do technical writing graduates earn?

Technical writing students make an average of $50,777 per year after graduation. This is 24% below average compared to other undergraduate degrees.

30% of technical writing graduates are underpaid (those who make less than $40,000 per year.) This rate is high compared to other degrees across the country.

$ 50,777 per year
Average graduate salary in 2017

Bottom 21% of degrees

% of people underpaid in 2019

45% above average compared to other degrees

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