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English Composition is a degree category that consists of the following common degrees:

  • Creative Writing



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    Creative Writing

    Do you scribble poems along the margins of your math homework? Are you obsessed with short stories? Do you dream of publishing a book one day?

    If so, a degree in creative writing might be for you. This fascinating field of study offers hands-on training in genres of all kinds, from memoir to screenwriting, fiction to personal essay. Through lectures, seminars, workshops, and critique groups, students learn to recognize and create high quality writing. They practice developing their own projects and critiquing those of their peers. They learn to edit, revise, and refine their work; meet deadlines; and pitch their creations for publication. Plus, they gain access to top professionals in the field, networking with esteemed novelists, poets, screenwriters, and other creative writers.

    If you think a creative writing degree might be for you, read on. In this article, we’ll cover:

    • What kinds of creative writing degrees are out there?
    • What sets creative writing apart from similar degrees, like journalism or English literature?
    • What skills will you gain from a degree in creative writing?
    • What can you do with a creative writing degree?
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  • Writing



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    A novel you can’t put down. A poem or a song that makes you cry. A biography that inspires you. A catchy corporate slogan or tagline. An eloquent op-ed piece in your local newspaper. A product manual that walks you through a technical maze. An ad that moves you to make a purchase. A speech that leaves you speechless. Every one of these creations is the work of a writer, the product of a wordsmith.

    Degree programs in writing teach students to be wordsmiths of many different kinds and in many different arenas, from the arts, media, and entertainment, to business, education, and science. They teach budding writers to create new worlds and compelling characters, to use the intricacies of language to produce texts across a range of media, and to find ever innovative ways to capture and interact with readers.

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  • Technical Writing



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    Technical Writing

    The job of a technical writer is to convey technical information in writing. This information takes many forms.

    The specific kind of material to be written varies from industry to industry and from company to company, but technical writers typically find themselves composing documents such as guides and user manuals, product descriptions, technical reports and proposals, executive summaries, strategic plans and policy statements, white papers and case studies, web content, online Help systems, user interface text, and memos and e-mails containing technical information or instructions.

    Degree programs in technical writing teach students the processes involved in composing these types of documentation. Coursework covers building templates and style guides, recognizing translation issues, and formatting documents for visual appeal.

    And because technical writers are the mediators between the technical subject matter experts and the document end users, programs also stress the importance of developing a communication pathway between technicians and writers.

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