Learn about the types of people who become CEOs. This page goes into detail about the employment, gender, and ethnic ratios of the workplace.


Employment Type Mix, 2022

90% of CEOs work in full-time roles while 10% work part-time.


Gender Mix By Career Interest, 2022

This graph shows the distribution of females and males that are interested in becoming a CEO. Four or five star ratings on CareerExplorer indicate interest.

More men than women are interested in becoming CEOs at a ratio of 2.10 to 1.


Actual Gender Mix, 2022

32% of CEOs are female and 68% are male.


Gender Bias, 2022

This is one of the most compelling statistics we collect. Gender bias shows the difference between gender interest in being a CEO and the actual gender mix of people in the career.

If there is a significant difference, then it means there is a gender imbalance between those interested in becoming a CEO and those who end up becoming one.


Ethnic Mix, 2019

The largest ethnic group of CEOs are White, making up 57% of the population. The next highest segments are South Asian and East Asian, making up 9% and 8% respectively.