There are currently an estimated 147,500 clinical psychologists in the United States. The clinical psychologist job market is expected to grow by 14.2% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are clinical psychologists?

CareerExplorer rates clinical psychologists with a B+ employability rating, meaning this career should provide good employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 24,800 clinical psychologists. That number is based on 21,000 additional clinical psychologists, and the retirement of 3,800 existing clinical psychologists.

Are clinical psychologists in demand?

The job outlook and demand for clinical psychologists is projected to be positive. Employment opportunities will vary by specialty. As the number of Americans over the age of sixty-five will double by 2050, the sub-discipline of geropsychology, which focuses on elderly populations and geriatric issues, is expected to experience major growth. Due to significant advances in imaging technology, openings are also predicated in neurospsychology, the study of the relationship between brain function and the nervous system and behaviour, emotion, and cognition. As an increasing number of military veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, psychologists with expertise in PTSD should find available positions in the field. Companies and government agencies are expanding employee assistance programs and seeking the consultation of psychologists trained to test and assess employee performance and increase productivity and morale. This has led to a particularly positive outlook in the specialty area of industrial and organizational psychology. Greater awareness of the issue of youth mental health and behavioural problems that affect learning, such as bullying, is expected to spur demand for school psychologists. The rise in health care costs associated with unhealthy lifestyles, such as smoking, alcoholism, and obesity, has made prevention and treatment more critical. This should result in further demand for clinical psychologists. Rising incidences of depression and marriage and family problems will also contribute to the positive outlook for this occupation. Job seekers who supplement their degree with training and experience in computer science and quantitative research will likely enjoy an edge over other candidates. Although not required for most psychologists, those who obtain certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology may enhance their employability in the field. Competition for most positions is expected to be strong due to the consistently large number of qualified graduates.

What’s the supply of clinical psychologists?

The clinical psychologist industry is concentrated in California, New York, Texas

Clinical Psychologist job market by state

State Name Employed Clinical Psychologists
California 18,250
New York 11,380
Texas 6,250
Pennsylvania 4,800
Illinois 3,990
Massachusetts 3,970
Ohio 3,540
New Jersey 3,500
Minnesota 3,350
North Carolina 2,990
Florida 2,970
Colorado 2,770
Wisconsin 2,620
Virginia 2,550
Arizona 2,540
Michigan 2,320
Washington 2,160
Maryland 2,090
Georgia 2,050
Tennessee 1,750
Connecticut 1,680
Missouri 1,580
Utah 1,450
Indiana 1,410
South Carolina 1,260
Kansas 1,190
Kentucky 1,180
New Mexico 1,150
Oklahoma 1,130
Oregon 1,030
Rhode Island 670
Iowa 640
Alabama 610
Nebraska 540
District of Columbia 530
West Virginia 520
Arkansas 520
Louisiana 490
Hawaii 470
Vermont 460
New Hampshire 440
Nevada 420
Montana 420
Delaware 400
Mississippi 390
Idaho 390
Puerto Rico 350
North Dakota 280
Alaska 280
Maine 250
Wyoming 230
South Dakota 220