• Careers for Free Spirits

    You know you must pay the bills but you don’t want to live a life without adventure, constant change or new experiences. Maybe your aspirations—mixed with your aptitudes—are more suited for a bohemian career path.

    Careers for Free Spirits
  • Careers for Music Lovers

    Whether you're a music artist or more of a music appreciator, the best way to land work is to think beyond music and consider the many jobs that are required to support and promote this industry.

    Careers for Music Lovers
  • Careers for Aspergers

    People with aspergers do best in careers that allow concentration on one task at a time, emphasize accuracy and quality over speed, and provide structure and quantifiable performance expectations.

    Careers for Aspergers
  • careers for Dyslexics

    While dyslexics typically struggle with verbal information and expression, they also have abilities that allow them to thrive in certain jobs and careers.

    careers for Dyslexics
  • Careers for Former Teachers

    What other meaningful careers exist in education besides classroom teaching?

    Careers for Former Teachers