careers for Dyslexics

While dyslexics typically struggle with verbal information and expression, they also have abilities that allow them to thrive in certain jobs and careers.

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1. Musician

Musician Musician


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Musicians are talented and skilled in playing one or several musical instruments.

2. Actor

Actor Actor


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Oh the glamour of being a famous actor!

3. Filmmaker

Filmmaker Filmmaker


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A filmmaker is in charge of making, leading, and developing movie productions.

4. Chemist

Chemist Chemist


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Did you love science as a kid?

5. Architect

Architect Architect


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The facets of an architect's role are as varied and fascinating as their designs; these are the professionals who lead the process of creating functional spaces, from concept to full realization of their projects.

6. Urban Planner

Urban Planner Urban Planner

Urban Planner

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An urban planner is someone who develops plans and programs for the use of land.

7. Carpenter

Carpenter Carpenter


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Do you like building or creating things with wood?

8. Landscaper

Landscaper Landscaper


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Landscapers elevate the appearance of outdoor spaces and make them beautiful.

9. Photographer

Photographer Photographer


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Photographers tell stories through images they capture through their cameras.