Photographer earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Photographer salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Indiana $32,944
Illinois $36,018
District of Columbia $84,720
Massachusetts $46,770
Pennsylvania $27,859
Rhode Island $55,990
Minnesota $47,810
New Mexico $32,300
New York $43,210
California $46,790
Vermont $43,230
Washington $44,180
Georgia $36,670
Mississippi $43,330
Connecticut $38,090
Ohio $29,920
South Carolina $32,180
Hawaii $38,610
Florida $28,880
Maryland $35,670
Colorado $31,230
Maine $30,980
Wyoming $35,360
New Hampshire $34,020
Arkansas $30,630
Virginia $32,820
Missouri $28,830
Oregon $29,750
Kentucky $33,870
New Jersey $27,570
Nebraska $29,820
Kansas $33,640
North Dakota $35,140
Nevada $29,820
Wisconsin $29,360
Texas $28,100
Delaware $31,810
North Carolina $26,400
Arizona $27,310
Idaho $28,490
Tennessee $28,530
Louisiana $30,220
West Virginia $29,480
Oklahoma $31,330
Montana $23,110
Puerto Rico $28,840
South Dakota $29,420
Iowa $25,570

How much does a Photographer earn?

A photographer's salary range varies because location, marketing skills, experience, reputation, charisma, and area of specialization all play an integral role in a photographer's fees. To make money with photography, one has to approach it as a business. Yes, photography is all about creativity and style, but even the most imaginative mind can still fail to generate an income.

A freelance photographer's salary depends on the number of assignments he or she receives and the fee he or she charges. There are various types of photography one can choose from - choose the path that lines up best with your passion and vision. The five most lucrative careers for a photographer are wedding photography, fashion photography, sports photography, product photography, and portrait photography.

How do photographer salaries compare to similar careers?

Photographers earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than art directors but more than model makers.

Career Median Salary
Art director salary $60K
Exhibit designer salary $54K
Games artist salary $51K
Architect salary $51K
Photojournalist salary $36K
Photographer salary $30K
Multimedia animator salary $45K
Film director salary $42K
Sculptor salary $30K
Model maker salary $39K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)