Photographer earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Photographer salary by state

State Name Average Salary
District of Columbia $84,720
Massachusetts $46,770
California $48,253
Rhode Island $55,990
Minnesota $47,810
South Carolina $42,090
New Mexico $32,300
New York $43,210
Connecticut $43,210
Vermont $43,230
Hawaii $42,025
Washington $44,180
Florida $39,990
Alaska $42,160
Illinois $41,374
Georgia $36,670
Mississippi $43,330
Indiana $38,125
Missouri $36,470
Ohio $29,920
Kentucky $35,650
Kansas $33,607
Maryland $35,670
Alabama $34,931
Maine $30,980
Wyoming $35,360
New Hampshire $34,020
Pennsylvania $32,509
Virginia $32,820
Arizona $36,817
Oregon $29,750
New Jersey $27,570
Nebraska $29,820
Idaho $31,117
North Dakota $35,140
Nevada $29,820
Wisconsin $29,360
Texas $28,100
Delaware $31,810
North Carolina $26,400
Tennessee $28,530
Colorado $31,230
Iowa $29,448
Louisiana $30,220
West Virginia $29,480
Oklahoma $31,330
Montana $23,110
Puerto Rico $28,840
South Dakota $29,420
Arkansas $28,380

How much does a Photographer earn?

A photographer's salary range varies because location, marketing skills, experience, reputation, charisma, and area of specialization all play an integral role in a photographer's fees. To make money with photography, one has to approach it as a business. Yes, photography is all about creativity and style, but even the most imaginative mind can still fail to generate an income.

A freelance photographer's salary depends on the number of assignments he or she receives and the fee he or she charges. There are various types of photography one can choose from - choose the path that lines up best with your passion and vision. The five most lucrative careers for a photographer are wedding photography, fashion photography, sports photography, product photography, and portrait photography.

How do photographer salaries compare to similar careers?

Photographers earn 13% less than similar careers in Tennessee. On average, they make less than gem workers but more than hand sewers.

Career Median Salary
Gem worker salary $38K
Precious metal worker salary $38K
Illustrator salary $38K
Museum conservator salary $43K
Calligrapher salary $35K
Photographer salary $29K
Potter salary $30K
Glass blower salary $30K
Painting, coating & decorating worker salary $30K
Hand sewer salary $29K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)