Is becoming a concierge right for me?

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How to become a Concierge

Although certification is not mandatory for concierges, a postsecondary degree or certificate related to hospitality management may help individuals find employment faster. Hospitality management degree and certificate programs include coursework in management communication, travel planning, tourism marketing, and hospitality information technology. Some organizations may require applicants to complete a preliminary training program prior to taking the certification exam. Other organizations may have additional eligibility requirements, such as educational degrees or previous guest services experience.

There are several key skills that concierges need to master. One is the ability to navigate. They need to know details about local museums, shopping districts, tourist attractions, and even where to get a cup of the kind of coffee the customer craves. More importantly, they know how to get there regardless of the means of transportation preferred. They can also help the customer understand this in an accessible manner. Part of this is being able to show the destination’s location on the map, what route to follow, and the landmarks along the way.

Above all, the profession needs excellent customer service skills. Talking to people and helping them is an inescapable and inherent characteristic of the job. Those who show promise in this profession are pleasant and sociable; this characteristic is natural or cultivated by those interested in working in this field.