There are currently an estimated 1,418,600 construction workers in the United States. The construction worker job market is expected to grow by 4.4% between 2022 and 2032.

How employable are construction workers?

CareerExplorer rates construction workers with a B employability rating, meaning this career should provide good employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 66,900 construction workers. That number is based on 61,900 additional construction workers, and the retirement of 5,000 existing construction workers.

Are construction workers in demand?

The positive job outlook for construction workers will be driven by general population growth and related new construction, deteriorating infrastructure, and aging buildings. Demand for these laborers mirrors the level of overall construction activity, largely due to the wide variety of tasks they perform. Replacement of many industrial plants has been delayed for years and will eventually have to be undertaken, resulting in the need for more construction workers. Additional medical treatment facilities will have to be built to accommodate a growing elderly population. Full-time employment in the industry, however, may be tempered, as employers use the services of construction staffing services and rely on day laborers instead of permanent on-staff employees. The introduction of new machinery and equipment that improve productivity and quality may automate some jobs in the field and adversely affect job growth. Laborers who have specialized skills or who are able to relocate should have the best prospects. This should be especially true for those with experience in road construction. Those with limited skills will face strong competition, due to a normally plentiful supply of these workers who are willing to work as day laborers. As is typical in the construction industry, job prospects in the field are susceptible to fluctuations of the economy.

What’s the supply of construction workers?

The construction worker industry is concentrated in Texas, California, Florida

Construction Worker job market by state

State Name Employed Construction Workers
Texas 108,260
California 96,480
Florida 65,850
New York 60,780
Pennsylvania 41,150
Ohio 37,990
Georgia 35,260
Illinois 31,270
Washington 25,680
New Jersey 23,440
North Carolina 22,390
Michigan 21,850
Virginia 21,300
Colorado 21,250
Indiana 20,300
Missouri 19,900
Tennessee 19,830
Maryland 19,640
Massachusetts 19,560
Louisiana 18,350
Arizona 17,700
South Carolina 17,340
Wisconsin 13,780
Utah 13,510
Iowa 13,410
Minnesota 12,080
Oregon 11,160
Kansas 10,610
Kentucky 10,340
Oklahoma 9,850
New Mexico 8,630
Nevada 8,530
Alabama 7,900
Connecticut 7,900
West Virginia 7,410
Mississippi 7,180
Idaho 6,790
Puerto Rico 6,680
Arkansas 6,650
Hawaii 5,410
North Dakota 4,960
Montana 4,850
District of Columbia 3,720
Nebraska 3,240
New Hampshire 2,990
Wyoming 2,860
Maine 2,650
Rhode Island 2,650
Alaska 2,390
Delaware 1,810
South Dakota 1,730
Vermont 1,530
Guam 870
Virgin Islands, U.S. 240