Is becoming a filmmaker right for me?

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How to become a Filmmaker

Aspiring filmmakers are typically obsessed with watching movies and documentaries, reading film history books, websites, and blogs on the film industry and filmmakers, and attending film festivals. At the high school level, courses in drama, English, and photography would be very beneficial.

Many filmmakers start out as actors. This experience helps them understand various directing techniques and styles from the receiving end.

There are many programs offered at colleges and universities that would be beneficial to this career — valuable contacts in the industry and opportunities for internships can also be made while enrolled in school.

Examples of programs are Bachelor's Degrees in Acting, Theatre Arts, Screenwriting, Film Production, Multimedia Arts, Film/Cinema Studies, and Directing.

Classes include narrative techniques, sound, lighting, cinematography, editing, and computer-generated imaging. Reading and writing scripts in screenwriting classes teach the aspiring filmmaker about movie pacing and formatting. Various movie genres such as science fiction, horror, and fantasy are studied.