Geologist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Geologist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Texas $121,360
District of Columbia $119,790
Oklahoma $113,840
Colorado $99,840
Louisiana $86,630
New Mexico $85,240
Alaska $97,300
South Carolina $90,770
Maryland $90,420
California $90,750
Nevada $83,750
Mississippi $92,320
Virginia $80,970
Hawaii $80,190
Delaware $86,430
New Jersey $88,160
Puerto Rico $75,030
Washington $79,130
Florida $86,700
Michigan $68,240
Massachusetts $77,730
North Dakota $81,210
New Hampshire $76,220
Iowa $85,040
Connecticut $70,410
Arizona $77,700
Pennsylvania $73,080
Utah $74,240
Illinois $85,860
Montana $75,950
New York $79,250
North Carolina $73,960
Nebraska $77,380
Vermont $65,640
West Virginia $80,490
Idaho $73,780
Wyoming $72,530
Tennessee $72,010
Oregon $69,310
Kansas $68,470
Minnesota $69,700
Alabama $66,710
Wisconsin $70,470
Missouri $71,560
Rhode Island $68,230
Ohio $68,910
Kentucky $62,390
Georgia $66,350
Arkansas $50,010
Maine $61,610
South Dakota $61,040
Indiana $56,830

How much does a Geologist earn?

Geologists are employed in many sectors, such as environmental consulting companies, oil companies, governmental agencies, engineering firms and nonprofit organizations, as well as colleges and universities. Salaries vary widely among sectors.

The oil sector and the mineral resource sector are both willing to pay handsome salaries to new geologists. However, a large number of geologists choose to work in the environmental and government sectors, and these employers tend to pay 10% to 40% less because they are not in such a demand-driven market. Having said that, employment in the environmental and government sectors is often more stable than the prices of commodities.

Geologists with a Ph.D. can teach geology at colleges and universities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a college professor of geology is $83,140, with the bottom 10 percentile making $42,590 and the top 10 percentile making $152,270. Colleges and universities pay an average of $92,850, while community colleges pay an average of $87,200.

How do geologist salaries compare to similar careers?

Geologists earn about the same as related careers in Maine. On average, they make less than geospatial information scientists but more than environmental consultants.

Career Median Salary
Geospatial information scientist salary $75K
Scientist salary $67K
Hydrologist salary $72K
Biochemist salary $65K
Food science technologist salary $58K
Geologist salary $62K
Occupational health specialist salary $63K
Chemist salary $59K
Environmental restoration planner salary $53K
Environmental consultant salary $53K