There are currently an estimated 352,200 health services managers in the United States. The health services manager job market is expected to grow by 20.5% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are health services managers?

CareerExplorer rates health services managers with an A- employability rating, meaning this career should provide great employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 77,000 health services managers. That number is based on 72,100 additional health services managers, and the retirement of 4,900 existing health services managers.

Are health services managers in demand?

A very positive job outlook is projected for health services managers. As the large baby-boom population ages and people remain active later in life, demand and opportunities in all sectors of the healthcare industry will increase. In turn, there will be a greater number of physicians, patients, medical procedures, and facilities. This will necessitate managers with the training and knowledge to oversee and direct the extensive growth. Significant employment opportunities are expected both in hospital settings and with medical group practices. As these practices become larger and more complex, further demand will stem from the need to recruit staff, increase employee retention, ensure compliance with changing regulations, control costs, negotiate managed care contracts, recruit physicians, and emphasize preventative care. In addition, widespread use of electronic health records (EHRs) will continue to create a need for professionals who can integrate these records across multiple areas of the healthcare industry. Therefore, the most sought-after managers will be familiar with health information technology, informatics systems, and the laws concerning the security of medical records. Those who bring these qualifications will also encounter opportunities with healthcare management companies that provide management services to emergency departments, entire hospitals, and clinics. Competition for upper management positions will be especially strong because these jobs pay extremely well and are considered prestigious. Senior health services managers may become chief executive officers of medical facilities, healthcare management professors, or consultants. Managers in this field may pursue certification through the American Association of Healthcare Administration Management (AAHAM).

What’s the supply of health services managers?

The health services manager industry is concentrated in California, New York, Texas

Health Services Manager job market by state

State Name Employed Health Services Managers
California 34,140
New York 25,850
Texas 23,740
Ohio 15,330
Pennsylvania 14,540
Florida 14,440
Massachusetts 13,770
Illinois 13,250
New Jersey 11,060
Michigan 10,940
Maryland 10,210
Tennessee 9,630
North Carolina 8,660
Georgia 8,140
Arizona 8,100
Minnesota 8,080
Indiana 7,650
Virginia 7,620
Wisconsin 7,380
Washington 6,550
Oklahoma 6,210
Missouri 6,210
Iowa 6,160
Connecticut 5,440
South Carolina 5,160
Colorado 4,990
Kentucky 4,710
Arkansas 4,360
Oregon 4,260
Louisiana 3,860
Kansas 3,610
Utah 3,020
Nebraska 2,820
Alabama 2,810
Mississippi 2,700
Nevada 1,980
Idaho 1,910
Maine 1,840
New Mexico 1,750
District of Columbia 1,670
New Hampshire 1,630
Hawaii 1,500
Rhode Island 1,490
West Virginia 1,460
Montana 1,240
Puerto Rico 1,070
Delaware 1,010
Alaska 930
North Dakota 910
South Dakota 770
Vermont 760
Wyoming 700
Virgin Islands, U.S. 90
Guam 70