Interior designer earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Interior designer salary by state

State Name Average Salary
District of Columbia $73,010
Rhode Island $70,010
Alaska $71,410
New Jersey $57,980
California $60,360
Arkansas $62,970
New York $62,760
Massachusetts $62,840
Maryland $58,290
Hawaii $66,370
Washington $59,680
Utah $49,300
Minnesota $56,410
Kentucky $52,590
Missouri $52,160
Wyoming $57,040
Idaho $54,380
Illinois $52,150
Delaware $59,870
Kansas $54,258
Montana $58,220
South Dakota $46,700
Pennsylvania $51,686
Oregon $52,600
Mississippi $40,480
Nevada $54,670
Texas $51,630
Ohio $51,050
North Carolina $51,270
New Hampshire $50,860
Georgia $48,730
Vermont $48,580
Virginia $50,380
West Virginia $44,010
New Mexico $47,340
Alabama $47,274
Michigan $46,320
Colorado $47,580
Florida $46,750
Tennessee $45,910
Iowa $45,015
North Dakota $46,140
South Carolina $42,780
Indiana $41,243
Oklahoma $45,680
Wisconsin $46,060
Maine $49,430
Nebraska $44,690
Louisiana $37,630
Puerto Rico $40,680

How much does an Interior Designer earn?

If you are a recent college graduate, consider applying for entry-level and assistant interior design positions in order to develop the skill sets necessary and gain practical experience in the industry. These types of positions will allow an individual to move into higher salaried positions as they develop their career.

Because there are so many different areas of interior design, interior designer salaries can vary wildly. Job prospects should be better in high-income areas, because "wealthy clients are more likely than others to engage in remodeling and renovating their homes," the BLS reports. The BLS also found that, in general, the highest-paying employer of interior designers was the federal government, since jobs through the government require planning the layouts of government buildings to maximize safety, energy use, and the flow of people through the rooms. Specialized design firms also pay higher interior designer salaries, and they employ the majority of interior designers in the United States. Those who specialize in particular areas, such as kitchens and baths, may see greater prospects as well.

How do interior designer salaries compare to similar careers?

Interior designers earn about the same as related careers in Michigan. On average, they make less than private detectives but more than substance abuse social workers.

Career Median Salary
Private detective salary $51K
Correctional officer salary $56K
Real estate agent salary $46K
Librarian salary $50K
Landscaper salary $48K
Interior designer salary $46K
Computer repair technician salary $47K
Family social worker salary $50K
Exhibit designer salary $46K
Substance abuse social worker salary $50K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)