Is becoming a life coach right for me?

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How to become a Life Coach

While it's true that there are many practising life coaches that have never taken an exam and are not certified, it's also true that coaching has now become a competitive profession. With a huge number of new coaches starting out each year, it is important to be considered credible by clients. An easy way to deliver that credibility is to become a certified professional, as it shows potential clients that you have studied your profession in depth.

A life coach helps people develop, and in order to be successful in this, coaches need to be focused on developing themselves as well. This allows them to walk the walk, as well as to talk the talk. Life coaching is a huge responsibility, as someone is entrusting you to help them through their most pressing issues. A certification program helps coaches understand different methodologies of coaching, and enables them to work with a wider range of clients by understanding the issues they face more deeply.