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How to become a Motivational Speaker

Becoming a motivational speaker involves a combination of personal development, honing your communication skills, building a unique brand, and actively seeking speaking opportunities. Here is a guide on how to become a motivational speaker:

  • Identify Your Niche and Message: Define the specific area or topic you are passionate about and want to focus on. Clearly articulate the message you want to convey to your audience.
  • Develop Your Speaking Skills: Work on enhancing your public speaking skills. Join public speaking groups, like Toastmasters, to practice and receive feedback. Attend workshops to refine your techniques.
  • Craft Compelling Content: Create engaging content for your speeches. Emphasize storytelling, relatable anecdotes, and actionable insights to connect with your audience.
  • Create a Personal Brand: Establish a personal brand that reflects your message, style, and expertise. Develop a professional website, craft a compelling bio, and build a presence on social media.
  • Gain Experience: Start speaking at local events, community gatherings, or workshops. Offer your services pro bono initially to gain experience and build a portfolio.
  • Create a Speaker Reel: Record your speeches to create a speaker reel. This visual representation showcases your speaking style and impact, serving as a valuable tool for attracting potential clients.
  • Network within the Industry: Attend events, conferences, and network within your industry. Connect with event organizers, fellow speakers, and professionals to expand your opportunities.
  • Secure Speaking Engagements: Approach event organizers, conference planners, and educational institutions to secure speaking engagements. Provide them with your speaker reel, testimonials, and a clear outline of your message.
  • Utilize Online Platforms: Leverage online platforms to increase your reach. Create content on social media, start a YouTube channel, or host webinars to showcase your expertise.
  • Seek Professional Representation: As your career progresses, consider seeking representation from speakers' bureaus or agencies to help secure higher-profile engagements.
  • Continuously Evaluate and Improve: Solicit feedback after each speaking engagement to identify areas for improvement. Continuously evaluate your performance and refine your message and delivery accordingly.
  • Invest in Marketing: Develop a marketing strategy to promote your speaking services. Utilize email campaigns, content marketing, and collaborations with influencers or organizations aligned with your message.
  • Stay Persistent and Resilient: Building a career as a motivational speaker takes time and persistence. Be prepared for setbacks, use challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and stay committed to your message.

There are numerous workshops and training programs designed to help motivational speakers enhance their skills, build their brands, and navigate the speaking industry. Below are examples of workshops that speakers may find beneficial:

  • The Professional Speakers Academy (Led by Andy Harrington): This program focuses on developing presentation skills, building a brand, and creating a successful speaking business. It covers topics such as structuring a speech, using storytelling and humor, and enhancing stage presence.
  • Speaking Empire: Speaking Empire offers various workshops, including the "Speaking and Marketing Academy" and the "Speaker Trainer Experience." These programs cover speaking skills, marketing strategies, and sales techniques.
  • Heroic Public Speaking (Led by Michael Port): Heroic Public Speaking provides workshops to help speakers deliver impactful and persuasive presentations. The training emphasizes authenticity, connection with the audience, and effective storytelling.
  • Transformational Speaker Training (Led by Eric Edmeades): This workshop is designed to help speakers find their authentic voice and communicate their message with clarity and impact. It covers aspects like developing a powerful story and connecting with the audience.
  • The Speakers Institute: The Speakers Institute offers training programs for speakers, including workshops on public speaking, presentation skills, and business development. It aims to empower speakers to excel in their speaking careers.
  • The SpeakUp Challenge (Led by Tricia Brouk): This workshop focuses on helping speakers refine their message, enhance their delivery, and build confidence. It includes practical exercises and techniques to improve overall speaking effectiveness.
  • Craig Valentine's World Class Speaking Coaching Program: Led by Craig Valentine, a World Champion of Public Speaking, this program provides coaching and workshops to elevate speaking skills, including crafting impactful messages and engaging with diverse audiences.
  • Stage Time University (Led by Darren LaCroix): Stage Time University offers a range of speaking programs, including workshops on storytelling, humor, and connecting with audiences. It aims to equip speakers with the tools to deliver compelling presentations.
  • Story Theater International (Led by Doug Stevenson): This workshop focuses on the art of storytelling for speakers. It helps participants craft and deliver compelling stories that resonate with audiences and enhance the impact of their messages.
  • The Message of You (Led by Judy Carter): Judy Carter's workshop helps speakers identify their unique message and brand. It covers storytelling techniques and strategies to create memorable and impactful presentations.

There are several professional associations and organizations dedicated to supporting and connecting motivational speakers. These associations provide resources, networking opportunities, and professional development for individuals in the speaking industry.

  • National Speakers Association (NSA): NSA is one of the most well-known associations for professional speakers. It offers networking events, educational programs, and resources to help speakers enhance their skills and grow their businesses.
  • International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB): IASB is an organization that connects professional speakers with bureaus and meeting professionals. It serves as a resource for both speakers and those seeking speakers for events.
  • Women's Speaker Association (WSA): WSA is a community and resource hub specifically for women speakers. It provides support, training, and networking opportunities to help women succeed in the speaking industry.
  • Toastmasters International: While not exclusively for motivational speakers, Toastmasters is a worldwide organization focused on improving public speaking and leadership skills. It provides a supportive environment for honing speaking abilities.
  • The Association for Talent Development (ATD): ATD is a professional association that covers various aspects of talent development, including training and speaking. It provides resources and networking opportunities for professionals in the learning and development field.
  • Global Speakers Federation (GSF): GSF is a global network of speaker associations, bringing together speakers from around the world. It facilitates international connections and collaborations within the speaking industry.
  • The American Speakers Bureau (ASB): ASB is an organization that connects speakers with event planners and organizations looking for keynote speakers. It provides a platform for speakers to showcase their expertise.