Is becoming a music teacher right for me?

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How to become a Music Teacher

Most music teachers hold college degrees in music or music theory and composition , and some have masters degrees as well. A college degree is especially important for teaching in a school setting, as most schools simply will not consider applicants without degrees. Public school music teachers must hold education credentials which means keeping up with continuing education requirements for music teachers. They often know how to play multiple instruments, and even choir teachers are often proficient piano players.

In addition to holding a college degree, the ideal music teacher needs to be patient, as he or she will likely be working with children and teens. Creativity is important, as it is in any arts-related field. It is important to have a positive and encouraging attitude towards students, as young people can often become discouraged if they do not pick up on a concept right away. A music teacher who displays a positive, can-do attitude toward his or her students will encourage a student to stick with musical performance as a life-long hobby.

A music teacher will benefit from having a flexible attitude towards the job, as he or she may need to spend extra time preparing for musicals or performances and selecting songs for the new school year. A private music teacher can make extra money taking on more clients, but this will obviously require more of a time commitment. In both cases, the music teacher needs to be flexible with his or her time, and needs to make time management a priority to best serve the students.