Nutritionist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

How much does a Nutritionist earn?

A nutritionist is a health care professional who assists to treat and prevent various types of illness by recommending an appropriate diet regimen to each patient based on an underlying medical condition. They suggest a better diet and spread nutrition awareness to their patients. To prevent the prevalence of obesity in America, many individuals and businesses are hiring preventive health care professionals, such as nutritionists. A nutritionist’s salary is contingent on several variables (level of formal education, amount of previous experience, and certification status). Here are the average salary percentiles for nutritionists employed in the United States:

10th percentile: $33,980
25th percentile: $44,400
50th percentile: $55,920
75th percentile: $68,490
90th percentile: $78,720

Recent studies conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that in 2013, the industries that paid the highest salaries to nutritionists included: grant-making and giving services, federal executive branch (OES designation), office administrative services, insurance carriers, and home health care services. The average annual salaries for nutritionists employed in these industries are as follows:

Grant-making and giving services: $71,400
Federal executive brand (OES designation): $69,220
Office administrative services: $66,210
Insurance carriers: $64,450
Home health care services: $63,740

Salaries for nutritionists vary across different states, metropolitan areas, and nonmetropolitan areas. The top paying states in the country are California: $71,870; Nevada: $70,580; Hawaii: $64,150; Maryland: $64,120; and Connecticut: $63,820.

How do nutritionist salaries compare to similar careers?

Nutritionists earn 9% less than similar careers in the United States. On average, they make less than sommeliers but more than food batchmakers.

Career Median Salary
Sommelier salary $41K
Restaurant manager salary $45K
Culinary chef salary $41K
Brewmaster salary $41K
Personal chef salary $38K
Nutritionist salary $32K
Butcher salary $32K
Bartender salary $33K
Caterer salary $28K
Food batchmaker salary $30K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)